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Reviewing songs for Old 97’s The Grand Theatre Volume One album

Bright Spark
For forty hours every week, I put on my business casual costume and sit in a windowless office where I stare at a monitor under fluorescent lights. Why would I do that? Because “man can’t live on love alone.” It’s called work for a reason and at some point, the daily grind gets the best of all of us. Even the seemingly glamorous job of rocking out for adoring fans will occasionally chip away at the spirit of a touring musician.
We all do the thousand yard stare
Shuffling around ain’t goin’ nowhere
Crowds roll in, and they do it again
Nothing’s gonna break this routine
See what I mean?!
What’s the point of going on? Love, love, love.
Here she comes my girl
Bright spark in a dark world
The chorus seems to share the cadence and sentiment of Tom Petty’s “Here Comes My Girl.” Unlike Petty’s brilliant but mellow classic, “Bright Spark” is a powerhouse from start to finish.
As a part-time girly-girl, I can be a sap for a sweet, melodic love song, but this love song is gritty and exciting, appealing to my inner rocker-chick. Love is life-affirming and sometimes a sweet melody isn’t enough to convey it’s power over the oppressive doldrums of existence. “Bright Spark” will become a Friday afternoon staple, pouring into my head through earbuds like an IV delivering the healing promise of a weekend with the one I love.

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