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Social Media Break

I need to actually say it outloud to keep myself accountable. By all means, call me out if you see me online this weekend!

I need a break from Twitter because the news is giving me great anxiety. I like being informed but it’s all just too much lately. I can’t do anything to save the world this weekend, so I’m going to try to save my sanity instead.

I need a break from Facebook because I don’t need to know every thought of every person I know. It’s stressful to know what everyone is really thinking. I want to like everyone, but everyone makes it hard as hell.  I’ll be back next week, looking for baby pictures, cat videos, and other pleasant things. I’ll be hiding the shit out of political posts and hateful opinions.

I don’t need a break from Instagram. This is the only one that makes me happy 99% of the time. But if I look at this app, I’ll be tempted to look at the others. This social media addiction is real, dude.

I have work to do online, but I’m not doing it this weekend. I have a house to clean, but it’s all going to wait until tomorrow. I’m logging off, getting cleaned up after a long day of work, giving my kid a bath, and then we are going to get cozy for the night. The whole world might end while we are snuggling in bed with books, but I wouldn’t be able to stop it from happening by refreshing Twitter and worrying anyway. This weekend is about books, connecting with my family, playing outside, swimming, and letting my eyes take in the beauty of the world without an iPhone obstructing the view.



Christmas Wishlist

I hate writing a gift list. I know it’s helpful, but I prefer to be surprised with something that the gift-giver thought I would love. I usually do. Alas, I have been asked to create lists for the two Secret Santa exchanges that I am participating in and I don’t want to be difficult. Feel free to just use these items as inspiration for your own ideas, Secret Santa! Everyone else, I’m posting this here because this is actually a little bit fun – to shop and not spend any money is a lovely thing.

Things I want but probably won’t buy for myself. Click photo for link.

Van Gogh Starry Night pendant Etsy

Scarves This one is from Old Navy, but I’d love almost any scarf. I’m into plaid, polka dots, stripes, and most patterns. I’m not afraid of color, but black always works, too. White is a bad idea unless coffee drips become fashionable one day.

Funny things. It doesn’t have to be a tee shirt, but I like things that make me laugh.

Notorious R.G.B. sweatshirt.

Sweet Melody Alex & Ani bracelet in Rafaellan Silver Also love the leather and antique collections.

Lush Bath Bombs Any except for the seaweed one. It was lovely, but it made a HUGE mess of my tub!

A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail subscription. This is a pricy one since it is a subscription service, but I’m mainly putting this here so I remember to think about it if I ever want to treat myself. 🙂


Gift Certificates are FANTASTIC. Some say that they aren’t personal enough, but I love having the option to splurge on something weeks or months after the holiday has passed. Fear not. If I am given a Target gift card, I am not using that on basic toiletries or cleaning supplies. I will stash that card away for something special that I really, really want.

Stores where gift cards are appreciated, in any amount.
Paper Source
Ticketmaster (they’re the devil, but I need to go to shows)
Southwest Air
Barnes & Noble

For a general idea of things that I love, think kitschy, unique, fun. I love sending and receiving real mail, so cute stationery is a plus. I love things that symbolize peace and kindness. I lost a silver necklace with a delicate lotus charm that I purchased at a holiday market one year in NYC. I don’t remember the name of the artisan, but I liked that it wasn’t a mass-produced piece that anyone could have. I’m not a hipster or snob though, and if things are popular because they are made well or serve a great purpose, great! I need new things in the kitchen like oven mitts (Sur La Table has cute vintage looking sets) or Silpat baking mats and that is something I’ll probably never feel like spending money on.

Rattling off random things I love:
Music, elephants, guitars, (guitar lessons?) books, notebooks, stationery, stickers, notepads, red wine, coffee, delicate necklaces, chunky watches and bracelets, hair things, fun beauty products that I never splurge on, Chanel Chance perfume, Thymes Lotus Santal lotion, In Style magazine, Real Simple magazine, cookbooks (I never did buy the Smitten Kitchen book and I meant to. Martha Stewart or any other books about one pot, crock pot, or easy meals works,)  mix CD’s.

Things I do NOT want
I am slowly decluttering my home, so while certain home decor things may be absolutely darling, I don’t have the space for most of these things. Picture frames are sweet, but I am trying to only buy black frames. Most of my frames are IKEA Ribba frames and I like the consistency on my picture wall. I don’t want things that only serve a decorative purpose. I have a small house with very limited storage space, so I need to make good use of every thing.

I don’t know if this is helpful for the two people who have to buy me something for Christmas, but I’m super easy to please. And in the unlikely event that some benevolent admirer is wondering, “what could I send to Stephanie to brighten her day,” anything on this list will do.