Social Media Break

I need to actually say it outloud to keep myself accountable. By all means, call me out if you see me online this weekend!

I need a break from Twitter because the news is giving me great anxiety. I like being informed but it’s all just too much lately. I can’t do anything to save the world this weekend, so I’m going to try to save my sanity instead.

I need a break from Facebook because I don’t need to know every thought of every person I know. It’s stressful to know what everyone is really thinking. I want to like everyone, but everyone makes it hard as hell.  I’ll be back next week, looking for baby pictures, cat videos, and other pleasant things. I’ll be hiding the shit out of political posts and hateful opinions.

I don’t need a break from Instagram. This is the only one that makes me happy 99% of the time. But if I look at this app, I’ll be tempted to look at the others. This social media addiction is real, dude.

I have work to do online, but I’m not doing it this weekend. I have a house to clean, but it’s all going to wait until tomorrow. I’m logging off, getting cleaned up after a long day of work, giving my kid a bath, and then we are going to get cozy for the night. The whole world might end while we are snuggling in bed with books, but I wouldn’t be able to stop it from happening by refreshing Twitter and worrying anyway. This weekend is about books, connecting with my family, playing outside, swimming, and letting my eyes take in the beauty of the world without an iPhone obstructing the view.



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